That Time I Thought My Wife Was Crazy…

There was a time when I thought Kristin was losing it. It wasn’t the time she told me that she didn’t believe that dinosaurs ever existed while we were watching Jurassic World because I’m fairly certain that movie was either a documentary or at least based on true events. It was the time that she told me that she misses Teddy at night when he’s sleeping. I kind of chuckled a little until I realized she was serious. I didnt really get it. I mean, I didn’t necessarily miss him, but I also didn’t not miss him. I guess I just didn’t think about it. At the time, I was probably just happy that he was sleeping. But things are much different now that I spend all my time with him.

We have a dog named Neely. Kristin and I got him together 9 years ago when we moved into our first place. For some reason he fuckin hates me. I don’t know why. Im the one who takes him on walks and adventures through the woods and fields. Rain or shine I’m out with that dog so he can get some exercise.  When I walk in the house he could care less. Doesn’t flinch. No kind of greeting whatsoever. The exact opposite applies to Kristin. She can’t get 2 feet in the door before that dog is losing his shit dong backflips with joy. Its been like this for years and to be honest it kind of hurt me a little that he didn’t show the same love when I walk in the door. Lately, I don’t really care that the dog doesn’t move a muscle when he sees me. Because everytime I walk in a room where Teddy is, he throws his hands in the air and yells out “Dada”! It is…the Best. As far as Im concerned Kristin can keep the dog.

When Kristin asked me the first timeif i missed him, Teddy was probably less than 3 months old. He was really just a lump but he was a lump on Kristins side. They spent every second together, mostly sleeping, but now the roles are reversed. And it was when he first starting noticing me that way when I finally realized that yeah, I guess I do miss him when he’s sleeping at night.  Teddy is just about a year old and every day, he does something crazy and funny. He literally does something new and amazing(as far as baby tricks can be) everyday. Now its hard not to miss him. However, the same can’t be said during the day when he’s freaking because he’s over tired and you are counting the seconds till he falls asleep. I don’t miss him at all when he’s sleeping for naps, lets get that straight.

I had to work a long day a couple weeks ago. I was up before Teddy was awake, and I didnt get home till after he was asleep. I didnt really think about him all day because I was pretty focused on doing my job. It wasn’t until Kristin sent me a picture of Teddy in the bath that I got pretty sad that I wasn’t home to kiss him goodnight. I felt like I missed something. So when I look back and think about when Kristin asked me about missing him, I don’t think she was that crazy at all.

Its hard not to miss this face any time of day.
Its hard not to miss this face any time of day.

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