New Life…Part One

Its hard to believe, but Teddy’s first birthday is tomorrow. It was, without a doubt, the quickest year of my life. From now on when people ask how old he is, I can reply in years and not months. I refuse to tell people he’s 13 months or 17 months or 20 months. Nope, Teddy is one. And in honor of his first birthday, I’m going to share his birth story. Its a story unlike any ever told. A story of heartbreak, hope, triumph, action, and adventure. Prepare to be on the edge of your seats. Exciting times lie ahead!

It was a stressful few months leading up to Teddys arrival. My older brother got diagnosed with AML which is a form of leukemia. It was nuts. After a few weeks of him being in the hospital the doctors decided his best option was to get a bone marrow transplant. So obviously I got tested in hopes that I was a match for him. It took a few weeks for the results to come back and by the grace of the old gods and the new, I was a perfect match! It was an unbelievably awesome feeling. I just wanted to donate my magic blood and get the whole thing over with, but we had to wait for other things to run their course first. We finally got the word when I was to donate and it turns out that it was like a week before Teddys due date. That was no bueno seeing that the hospital I had to go to was 100 miles from my house and Kristin could really go anytime around then. So we rescheduled my donation date to September 28, one month before Teddys due date.

The donation process is pretty easy, considering. You get pumped with a medicine that makes your white blood cells multiply at a crazy rate. Five straight days of this and by day three you can feel your heartbeat in your bones. Its a weird, uncomfortable, painful feeling. But nothing compared to what my brother was going through. Then, to donate,  you get hooked up to a machine that sucks the blood out of one arm, which you can really feel the sucking feeling in your vein. That blood gets put through a machine that spins all the good stuff out, and then the spun blood is pumped back in through your other arm sans good stuff. It was a piece of cake, minus the pounding headache and flu like symptoms that followed for the next few days. I went back to work that Thursday even though it felt like the blood didnt quite make it back to my brain.  Are you on the edge of your seat yet?!

6 hours later with my magic blood
6 hours later with my magic blood

That Friday I got home from work when I got a call from Kristin. She was experiencing some pains earlier in the day so she decided to go to the doctors. She told me to “pack a bag because we are having a baby.” Ummmmmmmm what? Excuse me? The baby wasn’t due for another three weeks. I hung up the phone and I stood in front of my closet just staring. What he hell do I pack? What do I do? What is going on right now? I started thinking that I wasn’t ready for this. I mean, I thought I was ready but was I really ready? Oh my god I’m gonna puke. I pack the most random shit in a bag and we were off on the adventure of a lifetime.

We got to the hospital and they put us in an observation room. Kristin was only a few centimeters dilated but she was having some serious contractions so it was all waiting around at this point. A few hours later and still no change as far as centimeters but the contractions were still pretty painful. So they pumped her full of an awesome drug cocktail and out she went. I was so jealous. I didnt sleep much at all that night because I was so nervous. I just wanted to know what the fuck was gonna happen.

To be continued…

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