A Little Backstory…

Excuse my tardiness. This blog is about a year in the making. Ive been busy doing things, like trying to raise my kid. When my wife (Kristin) got pregnant, we decided that we didn’t want to send our kid to daycare. So one of us was going to stay home with the kid.   My job was pretty crappy and it made sense that I would be the one staying home. Luckily, I had a side gig that I was able to turn into a full time job which allowed me to work from home. So everything kinda worked out. She brought up the idea I start a blog about being a stay at home dad. So I bought a domain name ready to get to writin’. Well, 9 months later, I’m writing my first blog post.

It all started how any love story starts really. A couple college kids, a chance meeting in the cafeteria, an exchanging of numbers and a first date of getting blackout drunk on scorpion bowls at the local Chinese restaurant. It was love from the start. The young hot coed, lucky to land her trophy boyfriend…just kidding, I was the lucky one. Kristin was a smoke back then and she’s a full blown wildfire now that she’s a mom. Total milf.  But I digress. So we fell in love, had a long romance and I finally had the stones to ask her if shed like to take care of me for the rest of my life. She said yes, obviously. I’m the trophy remember. We bought a house and then all of a sudden, all of our friends started reproducing, which is scary if you know some of my friends. Naturally, Kristin got the bug. There wasn’t a baby that she wouldn’t kidnap and claim as hers. It was clear that we had to do something about this and it was time to try for our own. We tried…A lot. And it was awesome. But for some reason, we couldn’t get pregnant. We tried everything. Scheduled sexy time, indian voodoo rituals, live animal sacrifices. You name it we tried it. But for one reason or another, we couldn’t get pregnant.  We decided that maybe we should get checked out to see what the problem was. Turns out that neither of us were the problem. It just wasn’t happening.  So it was back to baby making time! And we all know how babies are made…SCIENCE!!!

We tried for a long time. It was really stressful. We needed help. Fertility treatments were the answer. Thus began my months long relationship with plastic cups. I gotta tell you, the first time handing a cup full of your stuff to someone is very uncomfortable. Especially when it was always a female working in the lab. We tried a few rounds of IUI, which is essentially the turkey baster method. Nothing. IVF was the next step. IVF is when the woman pumps herself with some sort of magic potion which makes her produce a whole lotta eggs, which are harvested and combined with my swimmers in a petri dish. Then, the embryo is implanted by a nice lady in a very cold room. I have to hand it to the ladies that go through this. Ive seen first hand what it takes to make this happen, and you mamas are tough cookies.

Guess what? It worked!!! Kristin was pregnant! Almost 9 months later, we had a healthy, tiny little baby boy we named Teddy. Ive never been so happy in my life. All the good dads out there say its the best thing to ever happen to them and I thought that was so cliche. But its true. I cried when he was born because I was so happy. Ive never cried because of happiness in my life. But I did the second I saw him. And here we are. Teddy is 9 months old and I’m writing my first post. A lot has happened in that time but I’m not gonna post any of that now. Its late and I’m tired. But stay tuned, I’ll fill in the gaps as we go and I think you’ll be entertained. Like how the other day my daredevil child decided to throw himself down an entire flight of stairs, land at the bottom and laugh it off like nothing happened. That really happened and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. The adventure begins.